Dear friends!

It's so difficult to find the words, which can express everything what I was feeling during last week-end and what I feel now. I just couldn't imagine that dreams can come true so much!

The atmosphere and energy from dancers, public and, of course, from amazing Empress Orchestra was so great, that even now, when everything is finished, I still feel it and in one second can imagine this picture in my mind.

First of all I'd like to say big thank you to all the couples who was dancing at Autumn Moscow — your passion, emotions, energy and quality were absolutely great. I was enjoying every moment of watching your dancing.
All the dancers from many countries — thank you for coming! Special thanks to Andi Liang, Chris and Katia Short for help to bring such a big and great Chinese team.
All the Russian dancers — it was so nice to see you dancing in Moscow by Blackpool music!

The quality and professionalism of all the judges was outstanding.. And knowing how busy all of you are, we are so proud that you find time to be with us, and our event have such a top-class names in the panel! We are always happy to see you at our event.

And of course.. I'm sure that everybody who was in the CSKA Igrovoi Sporthall during a comp will agree — the Empress Orchestra have made our event just unbelievable. Even now when I'm writing it I have goosebumps on my skin..
It was our dream to bring you to Moscow and I'm so happy it happened. What a great music and amazing energy! Thank you very much, Ashley, for the support our idea to come to Moscow and for your professionalism and passion — I was so much enjoying watching you and your musicians during rehearsal and both evening of the competition. Waiting for you in 2016!

I wish to say big thank you to all our partners — those, who helped to us to make our competition: «Golden Gate of Siberia» Foundation, RostAgroExport, B.Y.Alexandrov, Art-Hotel, Marriott Royal Aurora, AIDA shoes, EliteCrystal, style company «Maximum», TV channel NTV+.

Last, but not least.. I'm so lucky to have such a great team of organizers — Yulia and Alexandr Chesnokov and Elena Khvorova; our Art-director Alexandr Polyakov; Valentin and Alina Reshetnikov; Victoria Rudkovskaya, Dmitry and Alena Syzrantsev; Alena Kravets, Elena Samodanova.. Our families, friends and pupils who helped to us before and during event.
You are the best team which is possible to imagine!

So.. I'm looking forward to September 26-27 of 2015th and from behalf of all the organizers I'd like to say:



Sincerely Yours,

Sergey Ryupin